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“Pete understands my business and thrives on helping interior designers—he’s approachable and extremely responsive.”

—Melissa, Owner + Principal Designer, Pimlico Interiors

“If there are any big moves I’m thinking of—hiring, moving to another office—I check with him first. He’s almost like a partner in my business.”

—Sally, Owner + Principal Designer, Sally Steponkus Interiors

Resource Lab.

Build Expertise.

Targeted courses, ready-to-implement templates, and industry-specific business tools. Packaged in friendly, digestible formats. Ready to sync flawlessly with your business—and help you make informed confident financial decisions.

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Finance Demystified.

Interior design is financially complex. We offer industry-specific accounting customized to unravel the reports, help you maximize your revenue, and get you to the next level.

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The Resource Lab

Courses, Templates, and Tools for Interior Designers

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Chart of Accounts

QuickBooks Online Accounting Integration Customized for Design Firms

Reports in QuickBooks are highly customizable—and the right data can be a financial game changer.

Industry Standard Data

Unlock Industry Benchmarks

Get access to industry-standard metrics on profit margins, billing rates, standard overhead spend, and other benchmarks to help you set realistic, strategic goals.

Financial Statements

What You Really Need to Know

Learn how to decode financial statements in QuickBooks—and use them to inform key decisions.

Industry Knowledge Matters

And we understand your day to day.

Which Project Management Software

Is RIGHT for Your Design Business?

Mydoma? Studio Designer? Design Manager? Ivy / Houzz Pro? Your business has specific needs—let us help define which platform is a perfect match.

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“My team and I have taken three of Peter’s courses and love them. They are very valuable and he presents the information in a way that is easy to understand and implement.”

—Katie, American Cabinet Suppliers

“It’s so helpful that he knows the interior design industry because he is able to explain the how and the why in a way that is easy to understand and process for someone who struggles to understand accounting.”

—Laurel, Farrington Avenue Design