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We make sure you comply with pesky government regulations, while helping you maintain as much of your hard-earned income as possible. We work with you throughout the year to plan and minimize your tax obligations, so when tax season rolls around, we are ready.


As your part-time Chief Financial Officer, we’ll review detailed financial reports to ensure they align with your goals. We’ll take time to drill down the numbers and create targets to move your business in the right direction.


We offer online classes on accounting and tax topics to help business owners feel more confident with their financial decisions.

“We struggled for over a decade to find an accountant who fit us and our business and are happy to say, we’ve found him! Pete Lang dove in from the start and was able to explain items to us in a clear, easy to follow way and has always been happy and open to teaching us. He understands our business and thrives on helping interior designers, which is unique and very much appreciated. I know I can email him at any time to ask a question because he’s approachable and extremely responsive.

Before working with Pete, we always felt like we were getting brushed to the side, being promised that there would be regular check in’s and quarterly adjustment meetings, but then having to track the accountant down and send email after email to set anything up. With Pete and his team, this just doesn’t happen! We are grateful for all the hard work of Pete and his firm when they were first helping us – cleaning things up, updating, switching us to a new system. We’ve worked together for over a year now and are looking forward to working with him for many years to come!”

Jill and Melissa


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