Accounting & Tax Services

The Designer CPA provides essential part-time CFO, accounting, and tax solutions using advanced cloud-based technology.

We operate with integrity and unparalleled expertise on exactly what interior designers need—from the right ways to forecast revenue and manage cash flow to rightsizing overhead costs and taking on new staff.

Part-Time CFO

So Much More Than Tax Services

What does any of this mean…?”

Ever found yourself whispering that sentiment as you stare at your spreadsheets? Or a tax return form? Or a funding application? If the answer is yes—meet your new part-time CFO (aka Chief Financial Officer).

Now, that may sound like a fancy (and expensive) individual that only massive companies can afford to hire, but the truth is even the smallest design firm can benefit from working with a CFO part-time.

  • While an accountant will keep you compliant, run reports, and file returns, a CFO will also take a more holistic view of your finances.
  • As your part-time CFO, we’ll review detailed financial reports to ensure they’re aligned with your short, medium, and long-term goals.
  • We’ll also take the time to drill down into the numbers that matter most to you, producing reports that you can understand at-a-glance.
  • And most important—we’ll work together to set targets for your business—and we’ll hold you accountable to those targets to make sure your business continues to move in the right direction.

Having a part-time CFO is like having someone next to you in the cockpit. We’re here to answer your questions and keep you on course.

Tax Solutions Personal and Business

Tax is simple. Or at least, we make it simple.

We’ll make sure you comply with those pesky government regulations while helping you retain as much of your hard-earned profits as legally possible.

But that doesn’t happen by frantically filing a return at the last minute. We work with you throughout the year to plan for and minimize your tax obligations, so when tax season rolls around, we’re ready.

You’ll always know where you stand when it comes to your taxes.

All you’ll really need to do is sign a couple papers before filing.

“Peter has assisted me for a number of years with monthly financials and taxes for my small business. He is very knowledgeable, patient, and a pleasure to work with. Working with him has been an asset to my business.”

—Joanna, Owner + Principal Designer, Joanna McNulty Interior Design

“Through efficient quarterly meetings, I have built a relationship with Pete—I do not know where we would be without him. He is extremely knowledgeable about tax laws and breaks and always honest when giving his opinion.”

—Jessica, Owner + Principal Designer, Brass Rose