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What I Wish I Could Tell Every Interior Designer
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50+ pages of insider content—ranging from choosing the right software to tax savings ideas.

Get the step-by-step guide to ensure you have mastered the financial processes that the most profitable interior design firms follow.

Chart of Accounts

Chart of Accounts

QuickBooks Online Accounting Integration
Customized for Design Firms

For the interior designer that wants to get the most out of their cloud-based software.

Reports in QuickBooks are highly customizable—and the right data can be a financial game changer.

Dive into the complexity and find the simple solutions that work for your business.

Industry Standard Data

Industry Standard Data

Unlock Interior Design Industry Benchmarks

Get access to industry-standard metrics on profit margins, billing rates, standard overhead spend, and other benchmarks to help you set realistic, strategic goals.

We’ll provide unique sets of custom, useful data for design firms at three different revenue levels—250K to 750K, 750K to 1.5 MM, and 1.5MM to 3MM.

Sleep better that night knowing exactly where your business stands—and exactly what the next level looks like.

Maximize Your Tax Deductions

Maximize Your Tax Deductions

For Sole Proprietors and
Single Member LLCs

For the interior designer who wants to truly understand how to maximize their tax deductions.

Learn how to forecast, plan, and prepare—so there are no surprises and no deductions left on the table.

Protect your hard-earned revenue, plan for retirement, and gain a little peace of mind.

Financial Statements

Financial Statements

What You Really Need to Know

For the interior designer who wants to quickly, efficiently understand financial reporting and use that data to create a better fiscal future.

Learn how to decode financial statements and use them to inform key decisions.

See firsthand how that data can empower you to take the next step and help your business thrive.

The Ultimate Budget Template

The Ultimate Budget Template

A Ready-Made Tool Customized for Designers

For the designer who needs to create a budget (that’s every designer!)—and wants to start from a place of expertise.

Our ready-to-use budget template will show you where you can truly spend.

Get to the heart of how you manage your cash flow—and use that information to see real results.

Securing Financial Success <br>for Your Business

Securing Financial Success
for Your Business

Make Decisions that Will Make You Money

A live, three-hour intensive via LuAnn University—tailored for the interior designer who wants to understand what drives financial success, make better decisions and protect their bottom line.

Get under the hood on complex concepts like managing cash flow, forecasting your pipeline, and increasing your overall profitability.

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