Do you only work with interior designers?
While we love interior designers, we also work with architects, landscape designers, and other creative designers as well.

Which project management software do you have experience with?
Most of our clients work with Design Manager, Ivy/Houzz, My Doma, and Studio Designer. We have experience with all of them and directly login to your project management software to access specific reports that allow us to review details to give you the best service possible.

Do your services include my personal tax return?
Yes, personal tax returns are included in the full-service plans. In fact, the details of your personal tax return are used to complete our tax projection and tax planning services as well.

What is income tax compliance?
Income tax compliance means we will prepare and file all necessary business and personal tax returns for your federal and state requirements. We prepare all the forms and e-file the returns for you after you have a chance to review everything.

What are the benefits of projections?
Income tax projections are prepared on a quarterly basis for all our clients. We calculate these projections after we meet and learn more about what has been and will be going on in your business. The benefits of a projection include an accurate idea of how much tax you will most likely owe by year-end. Most of our clients pay in quarterly amounts based on the projection. All of our clients get peace of mind knowing how much they will owe, whether they decide to pay during the year or choose to wait till year-end.

What is income tax planning?
Income tax planning takes on income tax projections to the next level! Tax planning is a separate engagement, and we work with our clients to look further into the future of their business to determine other tax savings vehicles that would make sense for their business specifically. We not only review tax savings but also review the cash obligations required to implement the income tax planning ideas.

How often do we meet?
We meet at a minimum with our clients on a quarterly basis. Some clients have a monthly plan with us but we require all clients to meet at least quarterly.

Who runs the reports for our meetings?
When you become a client, we request login access to both your project management, accounting software (if they are separate), and your payroll processing software. This allows us to retrieve detailed reports before our meeting so we can be prepared to ask you questions on how business is going, how you expect it to be in the next quarter, and other items that may draw our attention. You or your bookkeeper do not have to provide reporting, we will access it before or during our meeting.

Do you offer bookkeeping services?
Unfortunately, we do not offer bookkeeping services. We do work closely with your bookkeeper to answer questions or resolve issues as a team.

How do you bill for your services?
If you are a good fit, you will receive a fixed price agreement that details all of the services we will provide for you throughout a 12-month period. After the engagement letter is signed by you, we will auto-draft a monthly amount from a bank statement.

Are we a good fit? What kinds of design firms do you typically work with?
We work with many different types of design firms. Most of our clients have at least $1 million in gross sales with a total team ranging from one to five members. Fill out the get started form today to see if we are a good fit!

What is a “Part-Time CFO”?
A part-time CFO is someone who reviews your financial statements and works with you to make financial decisions for the business. We also can help with cash flow statements, liquidity checks, and cash forecasting for future years.


How much time will I need to put this material into action?
Most of our lessons are bite-sized so you can focus on one topic at a time. Every student is different, but most courses can be completed in 2 – 4 hours.

How do I know which course or template will be most useful?
Each course has a video from the instructor explaining the syllabus and the details of the class. There is also a detailed list of all the topics listed on the course page as well as samples of a few lessons so you can get a feel for the classes before you purchase!

Can I give this material to an employee or bookkeeper to have them implement it?
Absolutely! If you feel like a different member of your team will find the class to be beneficial so that he or she can provide you with the most value then we welcome them to participate in the class.

I’ve bought courses before and… never finished them. This is not so much a question, but I’m afraid that will happen again.
We try our best to get to the point and not waste your time. Our lessons are engaging and hands-on so you can complete the course in one day. Of course, you can watch some videos several times as you see fit.

How do you choose new topics for courses and templates?
We work with designers every day on both their financial success and tax obligations. Many times we get the same questions on topics which provides us with inspiration to form a new class. Don’t see a class topic you would like to take? Send us a message and let us know and we will start doing research!

Am I a good fit for these courses? Who typically benefits most from them?
Each class has benefits and value for many different designers. Our classes benefit the most for sole proprietors or single shareholders that are in the first few years of starting their business, may or may not have a team, and are currently exploring ways to make their financial statements easier to read for the interior design industry which will allow them to make better financial decisions for the future!


Why specialize in accounting for interior design firms?
I lived in Boston for ten years and worked for a CPA who had many interior design clients. In the years I spent trying to become familiar with the intricacies of the industry, I found working with these designers was more fulfilling than other industries. Today I can’t imagine working with anyone else!

Why accounting? Are you just really into…. numbers?
Well….yes! I went to Providence College to get my undergraduate degree in secondary education (I wanted to be a history teacher). I dreaded physic so much that I begged to be placed into the only class available instead…. Accounting. The subject clicked for me and I have always loved solving puzzles… and numbers. Yes, I am a numbers geek!

Haven’t I seen you somewhere?
If you are familiar with LuAnn Nigara, then that is where you have seen me! I’ve been honored to be on her podcast 4 times, I wrote a chapter in her first Power Talk Book, and I am currently an instructor at LuAnn University.

I have also been on panels and presented webinars for ASID, Universal Furniture, and Design Manager, and have been quoted in articles in Business of Home and Architectural Digest Pro.

Do accountants have hobbies?
Accountants can have such a negative stereotype sometimes. Some people imagine an accountant sitting behind a desk crunching numbers all day and night. Luckily, I have found a few hobbies that keep me busy outside of work.

I enjoy running and finishing races which have ranged from 5K to a full marathon. I am proud to have run the 2010 Chicago Marathon as a member of Team McGraw as well as the 2015 Boston Marathon as a member of the MGH Pediatric Cancer Team.

Another hobby I have is working on becoming fluent in Scottish and Irish Gaelic. I am a remote student at the Gaelic College in Nova Scotia where I am striving to become an expert in the Gaelic language.