Interior Designer

    Interior Designer

    As an interior designer, you master the understanding of people’s behavior to create functional spaces.  While you concentrate on mastering your client’s needs, The Designer CPA works with you to achieve financial freedom.

    After working with customers in the design industry for several years, we realized most designer prefer to spend time thinking creatively instead of on the financial details of day to day business operations.    Our clients can sleep easy knowing they have invested in the value of having a trusted accounting team on their side.

    We realize the unique challenges interior design companies face with bookkeeping.  Accounting challenges are the same whether you are a local designer starting out your interior design portfolio, or a professional interior design firm that has been in business for years.  Most of our customers structure contracts to receive interior design fees as a large amount of money up front for a project.  It can be overwhelming for designers who try to accurately complete accounting tasks on their own.

    We use cloud based interior design accounting software. This allows us to review information no matter where our customer’s projects take them. We are certified in both Design Manager and Quick Books Online.

    We also set goals with you to achieve your business dreams.  We use key performance indicators specific for the interior design industry to monitor your business.  We go beyond reviewing balance sheets and profit and loss statements by reviewing lead time per projects, estimated vs actual project time and budget, as well as client satisfaction ratings.

    Whether you are a local interior designer who specialized in residential or corporate interior design growing your portfolio or a professional interior design firm looking to grow to the next level, we invite you to contact us to see if we would make a great team!

    “An empty room is a story waiting to happen, and you are the author.”


    – Unknown

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