The Designer CPA Video Podcast

We are excited to announce that we are producing a monthly video podcast interviewing leading professionals in all walks of life! Check back often to see how you can grow your business through our educational series.

Episode#002: Lindsay Paoli, COO, Design Manager Inc

In this episode of The Designer CPA, we talk with Lindsay Paoli, COO of Design Manger.  Design Manager is the leading cloud based software for interior designer firms.  We get to know more details about the team at Design Manager, what specifically makes the software better than other types of cloud based software, and some exciting new features coming in the fall. To learn more about Design Manager, check out  Design Manager’s Home Page

Episode#001: Christina Gatteri, Certified Financial Planner, Innovative Planning Partners

In the first episode of The Designer CPA, we sit down with Christina Gatteri, Certified Financial Planner.  We discuss savings accounts, credit cards, and different retirement planning strategies options for business owners and individuals in the design industry.  We get it… we know…  you may be thinking this is going to be an extremely boring topic!   The good news?  Christina has a knack for explaining finances in an easy to understand, down-to-Earth way. If you are interested in learning more on how Christina can help with your financial planning goals you can reach her at: