The designer CPA is a virtual firm that works exclusively with clients in the design industry.  We use the latest technology to provide accounting, tax, and financial solutions so that our clients can experience financial freedom.  We have always been passionate with our clients in the design industry.  We realize designers are unique business owners that would prefer to concentrate on the creative aspect of their business.  Financial health and growing your business is still important, and we build relationships with our clients so that we are their number one trusted advisor.

What can you expect from The Designer CPA

A team of passionate professionals whose goal is to provide maximum value exclusively to design clients

A hands on approach to encourage constant contact between the client and the team of advisors.   We require all clients to have contact throughout the year.  We have found this is the only way we can build our relationship to become your number one trusted advisor.

We use cloud based technology at The Designer CPA

Access to your bookkeeping and project data whenever and wherever you are.  No matter what type of device you use or wherever your travels take you, you will always have immediate access.

If you have an issue, The Designer CPA will have the same access as you and can instantly view the same reports that you are viewing.   We can then review the issue together, and find a solution promptly.

Provide you with the financial freedom you deserve so you can focus on creating a portfolio and build relationships with your own clients.

Interested in learning more? Whether you are a new designer or growing an established design firm, please check out our plan options and get one step closer to financial freedom!